CCTV, Burglar Alarm installation Thurrock Essex

CCTV and Burglar Alarm installation Thurrock, Essex.

Minett Property Services are the Local company for installing Alarms and CCTV in Thurrock and the surrounding area.

CCTV and Alarms were added to our portfolio of services as a response for and increase in demand for Alarms in our local area. The last 10 years thas seen an unprecedented increase in domestic and commercial burglary.

In 2010 this increase was 14% above the previous year, and it has continued this depressing climb.  Burglary of property now equates to over 8.5% of all crimes committed in this area, that may seem scary enough but when you understand that the national level is down around 2% it becomes horrifying.




Types of Alarms


ALARMS:There are two main types of alarms, Wired and Wireless. And each of these have advantages


Primarily it all depends on your needs when it come to a burglar alarm and for that matter CCTV systems. Alarms Wireless installs are clean, fast and can be use in places wired systems would look unsightly. Wired systems have the edge on reliability (although nowadays not much) and are more difficult to circumvent.

Don’t get confused by the terms wireless and wired, they refer only to the communication system with in the premises. Your chosen alarm, be that wireless or wired are likely to require a wired connection to both power and telephone line in basic alarms and to power only in more advanced or monitored systems. It is these telephone line connections or onboard Sim Card that allows your home alarm to communicate with the outside world and most importantly you.

Put simply a fully wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the install which communicate wirelessly to the control panel, typically using the same technology as radio signals.
A fully wired alarm system connects the sensors to the control panel with wires, often concealed within the walls and floors of your home.

Wireless systems can solve several problems. You won’t have to worry about drilling holes or other modifications as a result making wireless an extremely attractive option for some. But range can be limiting. Wired systems are more reliable, and offer a greater deal of protection. It is important that you take the opportunity to talk over your needs so we can find the solution that is best for your home or business.

CCTV all hinges around two considerations, internal CCTV, External CCTV or Both for combined peice of mind and protection.

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Types of CCTV systems


CCTV:What is it, and is it right for me


One step up from an alarm and can be very effective as a deterrent. It can also prove invaluable in recovering your property and in the eventual bringing to justice of the offender.

Take a moment to look at the mindset of a burglar walking down your road, as they move past the homes and business looking for vulnerabilities, 3 of the 5 premises have an alarm, its reasonable to assume that the most likely targets are the unalarmed ones. Add CCTV and that Burglar, crosses the road, or leaves completely, CCTV takes your security to another level.

But CCTV doesn’t come with out its restrictions on use, but not really in any negative way. The government provide a frame work of regulations that provided they are met, your CCTV recordings are admissible in court as evidence. These rules are there to protect those who could be inadvertently filmed by your CCTV and does not restrict the use of CCTV in and on your own property. In short, the CCTV must be to protect your property and/or land and warning notices must be displayed.  Full Details can be found here

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