Won’t an intruder just steal the recording unit of the CCTV system?


Just having CCTV has been proved to reduce break ins by 80%, Put your self in the mind of a burglar. As you walk down the street looking for an opportunity you pass an alarmed house and decide its to much risk, another without an alarm may be a possible, then you spot it the next one has CCtv, you stop, you wonder if you have been caught on camera.

Truth is CCtv is one of the greatest deterrents to anyone who is intent on breaking the law from thieves, burglars and cold callers selling tea towels.

Back up

It is wrongly thought by the majority that if the control unit is stole, the CCtv footage is gone (we can thank a thousand films for this!)

This was once the case, however modern developments have changed this for the better. three options exist each having there own benefits:

Back up to the cloud.

Some systems are able to backup the live feed from the camera off site, so it would make no difference in the unlikely event that you where subject to a break in if the intruder took the cctv unit. the footage would still be available to recover your property and secure a conviction.

Back up on the cameras.

Our digital camera, carry there own back up, each of the fixed camera contain there own SD card, With these camera placed in positions that are difficult to reach, and protected by anti vandal construction. Even if the main unit is taken, you still have all the footage.


Protection , Concealment.

We can in addition to the above, in high risk commercial environments, offer anti theft containment systems, dummy units and CCTV safes.