Our services Electric Lighting.

Fitting a new bulb isn’t beyond many of us, but how much thought do you give to the fact that when you flick the switch night effectively turns to day.

Our have you ever considered how or why the switches actually work, a few will be thinking, yes, the majority don’t give it a thought until the day you flick the switch and well, night stays night.

Our Electrician services specifically around lighting.

Lamp Holders

We can fit new lamp holders where none existed before, or simply replace the existing one if they get damaged or just look unsightly. We also fit and install wall lights. We have special software and within our company have designers who can offer advice so you can not only get the best from your lighting but see what it will look like before its installed. Unique to us.

Ceiling roses:

Similarly ceiling roses can discolour over time, or maybe the current colour or quality of fitting doesn’t match your decor or newly painted ceiling. Over time badly fitted Ceiling roses can, through the weight of the fitting start to work lose.
We can replace any ceiling rose and install new lights anywhere in the room, either to complement this light or replace it.

Spot Lights

If you wish to do away with your current lighting and move to more modern and efficient spot lights, we can work out the spread you require, install all the wiring and make sure these are safe.

Kitchen Lighting

Good lighting in a kitchen can turn any kitchen in to a stunning showpiece, just a much as bad lighting can make the most stunning kitchen, borring and unusable.

We have a solid back ground in Kitchen design and have worked with designers to compliment environment and lighting with usability and functionality. we design supply and install lighting solutions for your home, from main lights, under unit and plinth lighting that all works together to portray your style.

Single switch to full interactive app controlled lighting solutions, our slogan modern electricity really show it meaning here.

Garden Lighting