Partial rewire and New extensions

Partial rewire and new wiring for new extensions or room conversions

Why would I want a partial rewire?

We come across the need for a partial rewire more often than that of a full rewire, fortunately it is often the case the is isn’t necessary to replace all of the wiring with in a property to remedy any faults, or to provide the functionality you desire.

You may have had a new extension built, moved / repurposed a room or you may be looking to add lifestyle choices to your power delivery system within your home , a few that instantly spring to mind as I type this, are:

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Convenience switching from bedside (Light):

Almost every hotel I have ever stayed in has had switches for the main light and supplementary lights next to the bed, and I have often wondered why this is not the case in every bedroom in every home. Its these kind of partial rewires that really can add to the quality and enjoyment of your home.

External Lights on the other hand, although adding a huge amount of security and convenience  can call for additional circuits to be run, both of these can fall in to the category of either minor works of partial rewires depending on the existing wiring setup.

All that considered :

The most likely reason you will come across for partial rewires is in the kitchen.  Older kitchens are often woefully short of power points, and with more and more power hungry devices fining there way in to our modern life, the old kitchen supply is not up to the task. We recommend as much thought goes into the position of your sockets, cooker outlets, and power switches for appliances as goes into the choosing of the units and lay out.

Power supply is about convenience, and I think the saying you can never have enough plugs in the kitchen is never truer (although with careful planning we can change that!)