Visonic MPS Grade 2 / EN50131 Approved alarm FITTED

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Professional  Grade 2 / EN50131 Approved alarm
Designated Alarm Frequency 868Mhz
Vast range of add on detectors.
Professional alarm, professionally installed

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Product Description

The Visonic MPS is the most widespread used and most popular professional alarm in the UK and Europe. Manufactured by VIsonic for us, it is the flagship of wireless alarms, meeting the stringent Grade 2 professional classification.

Visonic MPS powermax®Complete is a professional-grade wireless security and personal safety solution especially designed to answer the needs of residential and small commercial customers.

Visonic MPS PowerMax Complete Alarm packs the full range of communication, configuration and expansion options into a single, modular and cost-effective wireless panel.
The ability to add internal GSM/GPRS and/or Broadband IP* communication modules ensures maximum reliability in the delivery of events to the alarm central station by facilitating internal redundancy of GPRS, GSM and SMS. These additional communication modules can also be used as the primary communication or as a backup for PSTN in the event of network failure or line sabotage during a burglary attempt.

Visonic PowerMax Complete’s professional architecture ensures easy operation. It has an easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad for intuitive programming, This, together with features such as PCB board protection from accidents or sabotage and the option of adding an internal fully-protected power supply, create the ultimate combination of high reliability and ease-of-use.


Visonic MPS PowerMax Complete Features:

  • Versatile communications capabilities:
  • Built-in PSTN communicator.
  • Easy-to-add internal GSM/GPRS and/or IP* communications modules for maximum alarm reporting reliability to the central station and back-up for the standard PSTN lines.
  • Voice functionality option (at the manufacturing level): two-way voice communication, voice prompts and family message center.
  • Optional proximity reader enables rapid arming and disarming without the need for a keyfob.
  • Expander module for adding 1 PGM output, 2 additional hardwired zones, 1 wired siren output, and Speech Box interface.
  • Choice of external or internal (fully protected) power supply.
  • Two-way RF system with diversity antenna facilitates highly reliable radio communication.
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (Optional).
  • Easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad.
  • Back-up battery – supplies multiple peripherals and also backs up internal
  • GSM/GPRS/IP modules.
  • Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including: FCC, CE and EN50131 grade 2.

Whats included in the Powermax MPS ALarm as standard?

Visonic New Powermax Complete Kit with built in Proximity Reader

Kit Contains:

1 x Control Panel with Auto Dialer

1 x wireless bell box

2 x Wireless Pirs

1 x Door Contact

2 X Keyfobs


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Visonic FAQ Page This is a list of frequently asked questions on the the Visonic range of wireless alarm systems.

What is the coverage of a wireless device?    Approx 100-120 mtrs depending on the build of the house, if solid walls are in the path of the signal, this can be reduced by up to 30%, if extra range is needed use an extender MCX600.

Panel is saying CPU battery low?      The panel comes with a minimum charge on the panel battery, when the unit is connected to the mains this will charge the battery.

How long do the batteries last?     Approx 2-3 years, even longer in some cases, but all the batteries are monitored by the panel, with plenty of warning.

How do I clear alarm in memory – or clear the memory?        Press the arm button on the remote, then the un-arm button.

The red light on the PIR is not picking me up when I walk past?    The unit enters sleep mode when the unit is not used, to save battery life.

I have a Pet PIR but it is picking up my pet....   Check the mounting height, Pet PIRS should be mounted at about 6-8 Feet. Also set the Pulse count jumper inside the PIR to the lower sensitivity

I don’t want to use a Battery Bell box, but I want a constant Power feed?           You could use the Visonic Mains operated bell BUT a Better option is to use a Grade 3 bell Like Texecom Odessey.

How many key fobs can be enrolled with the panel?  8 can be enrolled.

How many Wireless Bell boxes can be installed?  2 can be enrolled.

Is there a comfort LED or Alarm active indication on the bell box?  No, We recommend the use of battery powered LED

Which PIR would you recommend for a conservatory? The best one to use would be Discovery Quad Mcw, as it has a four channel detector.

How many wired devices can I install? We only recommend 1 on each Zone, but if necessary you can loop door contacts, but they will all trigger the same zone.

How many wired Zones are there?  There are 2 zones for wired devices, zones 29 and 30.

How many devices can I install on each zone?  We only recommend 1 device on each zone.

How do I connect a phone line? Use 2 out of a 4 core telephone cable, 1 x core in the SET and 1 x core in the LINE, and connect directly to the back of a secondary phone socket with terminals 2 and 5, any polarity.

What if I have ADSL ? You will have to use a filter and connect it to the phone side of the filter.


Can I connect remotely to the panel?  Yes but you will need the panel connected to a phone line, and the Visonic software installed on your PC.

What can I do remotely? You can access all the functions of the panel remotely, from zone changing, event log, even pin number change.

Will the onboard dialler ring Mobiles as well as land lines?  Yes it will.

Is there any settings to change the language? No, we only supply in English, but you can turn off the voice prompts.

Can I turn the speech off? Yes if you press No7 in ready mode.

Can I put a PIR in the bedroom? No, we don’t recommend putting a PIR in the bedroom, it could be set off too easily, for your own protection use a door-window contact.

In the event of losing mains power, what will happen to the panel if armed?   The panel will still be armed, disarm in the normal way.

 What is the voltage rating of the power supply? The power supply is rated at 220-240vac. Input voltage.